Detoxification which is also referred in short form as detox is the body’s ongoing process of eliminating toxins from different organ systems. Toxins are waste products that originate from normal cell activity such as homocysteine, lactic acid, ammonia and human made toxins.

When toxins are allowed to accumulate in body tissues, they may become potentially harmful to the body and this may result to onset of various degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis, heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes among others.

The liver, blood, skin, lungs, kidneys, intestines and lymphatic systems work synergistically to ensure that various toxins in the body systems are transformed chemically to less harmful state before being eliminated from the body. Although body detox is primarily considered as a rehabilitation measure for drug and alcohol dependence, it can also be regarded as a program of herbs and special diets that re- move dietary and environmental toxins from the body systems.

Detox diet plan can be a short term or long-term program. It is aimed at reducing the amount of chemicals ingested, emphasizes on healthy foods that are rich in vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. Such foods will help the body in detoxification.

Apart from emphasizing on consumption of healthy foods, a detox diet also insist on eating organic fruits and vegetables that will supply the body with essential nutrients. Detox diet is basically formulated to eliminate toxins and oxidants absorbed by the body systems from consuming un- healthy foods that are high in preservatives, additives, artificial colors and cholesterol.

Due to the use of herbicides and pesticides among other chemicals in our gardens, our foods have become contaminated with chemicals that once in the system pose the risks of various diseases. Formulating a detox diet plan that is rich in nutrients, the body will be able to adjust and eliminate various toxins. This will eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who need to consider a detox diet are those who significantly consume high amount of foods that are rich in flavors, artificial colors, preservatives and additives and those who consume adequate amount of caffeine or alcohol. Individuals who live in a polluted area, those who are recovering from viral or bacterial diseases and those who manifest irritability due to physical problems like stress, fatigue, skin irritation or skin lesions should definitely consider detox diet.

In addition to the above mentioned individuals, it is important to consider detox diet plan if you are experiencing black circles around the eyes, bloating around the stomach, abnormal muscle growth, bulging of the muscles in different parts of the body, recurring bowel disturbance or tired puffy eyes. This is important since a good dose of detox diet will help to ease such health concerns.

However, do not wait until you fall sick. According to re- search, many individuals in today’s society are suffering from stomach ulcers, liver diseases, obesity, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome among other general illness.

This is because we no longer consume organic foods that have reduced chemicals but instead we are consuming foods that are rich in saturated fats, high calories, added sugars, preservatives and high carbohydrates content. For this reasons, we end up with much body complications which we are not able to comprehend. To avoid such problems, you need a detox diet that has well formulated meal plan so as to supply your body with nutrients that will facilitate detoxification. After following a detox diet plan, an individual usually experience increased concentration, improved digestion, improved bowel movements, healthy skin and improved energy. It is essential for any interested individual to follow the program strictly as outlined in this book.  However, as a beginner you may notice certain side effects such as headaches which may occur due to caffeine withdrawal. Therefore, it is important before abiding to a detox diet program to first reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol intake. Other early symptoms include irritability, acne, tiredness, hunger and weight loss. Fortunately, such symptoms are short lived and will disappear within the first few days of following a detox diet plan.